3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Rebrand Your Business Apr 11, 2018 »

When's the last time you looked at your branding? (your logo, website, marketing material, etc.) Does it still look fresh and modern, or does it look outdated, unappealing, and flat?

It's easy to forget the design and presentation of your business whenever you have other things to worry about, like your profit, new products, and maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

But the aesthetic appeal of your website and how it's presented to your customers can be just as important as the…

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Get More Referrals By Setting Up A Strategy Mar 21, 2018 »

It's not always easy to convince your customers to spread the good news about your company to their friends and family. People need motivation, they need a good incentive, but most of the time they just plain forget to say anything!

If you're looking to get more referrals for your business through your loyal customers, you have to set up some sort of strategy to get people to start talking about you.

Here are a few simple strategies for getting more referrals for your business.

Create A…

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3 Ways A Website Can Help You Promote Yourself To The World Mar 07, 2018 »

Are you having trouble promoting yourself to your customers? Is traditional marketing and advertising failing to get you the results you need?

If one or both of these problems sounds like you, then you might need a brand new website for your business.

Websites aren't just for giant corporations or special interests anymore; nearly everyone has a website these days, and your customers expect you to have one as well!

If you want to promote yourself in a modern way, and attract new customers…

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Top 5 Websites We Love In February 2018 Feb 28, 2018 »

Atwill Media works hard to get your website looking exactly how you want it to look. We strive to include all the important information your customers need when they find themselves looking through your website. Each month, we like to show off some of these great looking sites, not only to display our easy-to-use features, but to also showcase the beautiful websites we've helped companies, just like yours, create together.

Check out some of our favorite websites for February 2018!

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