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Atwill Media strives to produce easy, affordable, and customizable websites, built just for you. With our new blog, we hope to create content that will aid your business in all areas, whether it be customer service help, website design tips, social media suggestions, or tips on how to optimize your business. Our contributors are dedicated to providing the best content to help your business! Atwill Media has the info you need to make your website stand out from the crowd, with simple and user-friendly features!

Avoid These 3 Mistakes In Your Email Marketing Aug 16, 2017 »

Email marketing can either be a blessing for your company, or a curse. You can either utilize it to grow your company through more connections and repeat business, or blunder your approach to it, which can result in a loss of customers.

There are things that you can do right in email marketing, but there are many things you can do wrong. Chances are, you might not even know you're doing the wrong thing with your approach to emails.

With everything, there are do's and don'ts, and today we're going…

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Boost Your Google Ranking With These Easy Steps Aug 09, 2017 »

Are you feeling like your ranking on Google could be improved? Do you feel like you're not getting all you can out of your website?

Chances are, you're not doing as much as you should be doing to ensure that people can find your website when they search online.

If you're looking for simple tips to improve your rankings, or maybe a quick refresher, we've got some great tips for you today.

Use Keywords That People Are Searching

Are you using trending keywords on your website that people are using to…

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4 Ways Having A Website Can Help Your Business Aug 02, 2017 »

The digital age is here and it's not going anywhere.

With the continuing rise of the internet's influence on the way our world works and how it connect people each and every day, it's hare to imagine a world without it.

Which is just one of the many reason that your business should have its own website. You practically can't operate successfully in today's market without a website for your business.

In fact, according to a research conducted in 2016 by Forbes Insights, a large majority of…

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Top 5 Websites We Love In July 2017 Jul 19, 2017 »

Atwill Media works hard to get your website looking exactly how you want it to look. We strive to include all the important information your customers need when they find themselves looking through your website. Each month, we like to show off some of these great looking sites, not only to display our easy-to-use features, but to also showcase the beautiful websites we've helped companies, just like yours, create together.

Check out some of our favorite websites for July 2017!

1. Robert's…

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4 Ways Hiring A Social Media Specialist Can Help Your Sales Jul 12, 2017 »

Lots of businesses have social media accounts, but many of them don't know how to probably optimize their social media to get the best results, or don't have the time to learn.

This is where a social media specialist comes in. Gone are the days when businesses had to handle their online presence themselves; now, most businesses have a social media specialist to handle the hard work for them.

If you're unsure of what a social media specialist does, and how they can help your business, just keep…

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