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Atwill Media strives to produce easy, affordable, and customizable websites, built just for you. With our new blog, we hope to create content that will aid your business in all areas, whether it be customer service help, website design tips, social media suggestions, or tips on how to optimize your business. Our contributors are dedicated to providing the best content to help your business! Atwill Media has the info you need to make your website stand out from the crowd, with simple and user-friendly features!

Get Your Business Listed On These 6 Online Directories Jun 14, 2017 »

There are tons of factors that contribute to how well customers are able to find your business when they search for products and services in their area.

One of the key elements to getting your business found by consumers is through online directories.

When consumers search for a local business, they often go to online directories to find what they're looking for. In the same way that consumers used to use the thick and cumbersome annual Yellow Page directory to find contact information for a…

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Your Sales Emails Should Answer The 5 Ws Jun 07, 2017 »

In journalism, one of the most basic lessons they teach you in your intro to journalism class is the concept of the 5 Ws (and one H). The 5 Ws are questions that every proper journalistic story should answer. They, along with the one H, are:

  • What
  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

Every story you read, no matter if it's in a newspaper, a magazine, or online, answers these same basic questions.

But you're not a journalist, and this isn't a newspaper you're trying to sell; it's your products and services. However,…

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URL's: What Are They? May 31, 2017 »

You've probably seen the acronym URL and thought to yourself, "I wonder what that means?" A URL might seem like a foreign concept to someone who isn't well versed in the language of the internet, but it's important to know what URL is and what it does, especially if you're thinking about getting your own website.

URL is an acronym that stands for Uniform Resource Locator. That's a complicated name for a simple concept: your URL is how customers find your website when they type your URL directly…

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Blog Schedules and Why You Need Them May 24, 2017 »

Blogging can be difficult to keep up with. It becomes even more difficult if you don't have an organized blogging schedule that keeps you on track each month, week, or day.

The best way to stay on track with your blogging is to create your own blogging schedule. Here are a few great ways that keeping a blogging schedule can help your business bring in more customers to your blog, and your website!

Stay Organized

The first step is to create a way for you to stay organized with your blog posts.…

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Top 5 Websites We Love In May May 17, 2017 »

At Atwill Media, our client service representatives work hard to get your website looking exactly how you want it to look. We strive to include all the important information your customers need when they find themselves looking through your website. Each month we like to show off some of these great looking sites, not only to display our easy-to-use features, but to also showcase the beautiful websites we've helped companies, just like yours, create together.

Check out some of our favorite…

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