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June's Top Websites Jun 30, 2022 »

Every website we design is made with our customer's needs coming first. We love to share those with you every month! Check out some of our favorites for June!

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Why You Need to Know Your Audience Jun 24, 2022 »

When it comes to maintaining a small business, knowing who you sell your goods or services to can make or break your success. While it's easy to make general assumptions about the customers you might bring in, actually learning about your target audience and the best way to market to them will ensure a better outcome, and profit, for you in the long run!

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Makeover Monday: Arctic Air Service and Maintenance Jun 20, 2022 »

This Makeover Monday, we're featuring Arctic Air Service and Maintenance!

Arctic Air has been with Atwill Media since 2017. We love seeing our clients grow their businesses with updates to their websites. Check out this before and after!

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Get the Green by Being Green Jun 03, 2022 »

Welcome to the green team! June 5th is World Environment Day, and we thought what better way to celebrate than practicing sustainability. Sustainable business is good for the environment, but it's also good for your brand! Studies show that around 60% of consumers rate sustainability as an important purchase criterion. On average, more than 34% of the population is willing to pay more for sustainable products or services. The U.S. also represents 42% of the global willingness to pay for…

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May's Top Websites May 31, 2022 »

We're excited to show off our top website picks for May! Helping our customers build their online presence is so important to us. Take a look at these awesome sites!

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