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The New Normal: Ecommerce Jul 09, 2020 »

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many parts of life for people all around the globe. As social distancing has become standard, shopping in brick and mortar stores has declined substantially. Consumers are turning to online shopping to fill that void, with many spending up to 30% more online in recent months. With that amount of an increase in ecommerce, it’s crucial for businesses to open up shop online and adapt to the new normal.

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Makeover Monday: Grayer Electric, Inc. Jul 06, 2020 »

This Makeover Monday, we're featuring Grayer Electric, Inc.

When they began with Atwill Media in July 2019, Grayer Electric wanted a fresh look that reflected their brand colors and still provided all of the important information from their previous site. Check out their before and after below!

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June's Top Websites Jun 29, 2020 »

We love sharing the websites we build with you! We believe every business deserves a website that's specific to their needs. That's why we work with our clients to create a custom website that works for their business. Check out a few of our favorites this month:

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Promoting Your Brand on Social Media Jun 12, 2020 »

In an ever-changing world, technology has taken the forefront in the way that we promote our businesses. As the market changes daily, so does the way we communicate with our customers. There are one hundred and one ways to go about promoting your business, and the best option for your brand might not the best option for other brands.

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Makeover Monday: Aztec Pest Control Jun 01, 2020 »

For this Makeover Monday, we're showcasing Aztec Pest Control!

Starting with Atwill Media in October 2019, Aztec Pest Control wanted their website to be less generic and more personalized to their business. They wanted it to be eye-catching with a professional layout that reflected their updated color scheme. Check out Aztec Pest Control's makeover below!

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