Blogging: The Essentials Feb 20, 2019 »

Wanting to start a blog? We're here to help! For the next couple of weeks, we'll be breaking down blogging and giving you all the information you need. To kick it off, we're giving you the essentials you need to know when blogging.

Consistency is Key

You have to be consistent with your posting in order to stay relevant. by having a consistent posting of blogs, your audience is able to follow you and keep up with what you are writing. They come to expect your blogs on the day that you regularly…

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Influencer Marketing: Marketing to the Social Media Generation Feb 18, 2019 »

Influencer marketing has been around for some time now, but social media influencing has gained popularity in the past few years with the rise of social media. Using influencers to promote your business, product, or event has become something of the norm.

You see it all the time without really realizing it. Think of all the Superbowl commercials that feature a celebrity or someone well known. But social media influencing really came into the spotlight recently. One example of how strong social…

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It's All In The Branding: 3 Tips on How to Master Branding Your Business Feb 11, 2019 »

Starting a business is difficult work. Creating a brand that is easily recognizable is even more work. But it doesn't have to be hard! We've got three tips on how you can brand your business like a pro.

1. Logo

One of the main things that you need in order to brand your business is a logo. A logo is attached to your brand from the beginning and helps consumers easily recognize you. By having a consistent logo, people will learn your brand and know it when they see it.

2. Message and Tone


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Meme Marketing: 3 Tips on How to Meme Your Market Feb 04, 2019 »


Yes, you read that right. Meme marketing has become a new avenue for marketing your brand on social media. This marketing strategy was seen most recently with Netflix's original movie, Bird Box. As Entrepreneur says, Bird Box became a viral sensation due to the creating and sharing of social memes.

This type of marketing is still relatively new but is gaining ground quickly. Memes are a great way for brands to tie in humor and entertainment in their marketing. And it's FREE.…

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Top 5 Websites We Loved in January Jan 28, 2019 »

Every month at Atwill Media, we like to showcase some our favorite websites that were built for the month. We want to show not only our easy-to-use features, but the beautiful websites we've helped companies create.

Check out some of our favorite websites for January 2019!

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