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Email Marketing: The Onboarding Process Jan 22, 2020 »

Your inbox is probably full of promotional emails from various companies. You've most likely signed up for these emails to get a discount or to receive information from them. These are called onboarding emails. Onboarding is the process of introducing a potential or new customer to your business and the products or services you offer. It gives you a chance to make an excellent first impression on potential customers and nurture a relationship with them.

Onboarding emails are vital to…

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The Importance of Reviews and How to Utilize Them Jan 20, 2020 »

There are many reasons you should pay attention to reviews. They are essential to your brand and reputation and bring many benefits to your company. Here are some things you should know about reviews and how they can be a useful tool for your business.

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Employee Spotlight: Richard Wicker Jan 17, 2020 »

Meet Richard Wicker! Richard has been with Atwill Media for almost a year and works as one of our Territorial Account Managers. He works with prospective clients to develop a relationship and determine what solutions best fit their business needs. Learn more about Richard below!

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Facebook for Business: Other Ways It Can Help Jan 15, 2020 »

Facebook is a fantastic tool for your business and offers many advantages. There are many things they offer that you might not know about or might not realize can help your business. Here are some tools Facebook provides that can help your business.

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Is It Time To Rebrand? Jan 13, 2020 »

There comes a point for every company when it's time to refresh their brand or rebrand themselves. There are many steps and processes that go into a rebranding, but what all is necessary? Let's break it down:

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