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Employee Spotlight: Chris Mullins Nov 15, 2019 »

Meet Chris Mullins! Chris has been with Atwill Media for 9 months, where he works as a Territory Account Manager. He works with customers to help build their online presence. Learn more about Chris below!

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Ethos: Appeal to Ethics Nov 13, 2019 »

Persuasive marketing has been around for a long time now, with three main branches: ethos, logos, and pathos. Each one is individually important but they all work well together. Let's break down the first branch: ethos.

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Does Your Business Look Unprofessional? Nov 11, 2019 »

We've all looked for a company but decided not to use a certain one based on the look, feel, and content of their website or social media channels. This is a common occurrence, but why? What was it about those websites or social channels that made you not want to use that company? There are many reasons why someone decides not to use a business, but some of them might be harder to determine. We're breaking down some of the things that could make your business look unprofessional.

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Marketing Takeaways: Learning from the Entertainment Industry Nov 06, 2019 »

There is so much you can learn from the entertainment industry when it comes to marketing your business. From movies to books to music, there is something for everyone. Check out what you can learn from these examples:

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Makeover Monday: Homescapes, LLC Nov 04, 2019 »

It's Makeover Monday and we're featuring Homescapes, LLC! They started with Atwill Media in August 2019 and wanted to showcase the work they do. Homescapes wanted to pull away from the green logo and incorporate the royal blue from their company shirts into the new site in small places. Check out how we fulfilled the wants and needs of Homescapes, LLC below!

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