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3 Marketing Tips for Defeating the Summer Slump

3 Tips for Defeating the Summer Slump

For many people, summertime means it's time to kick back and relax, take time off of work, and enjoy this slow, lazy season. Just because people are slowing down, doesn't mean your business has to.

The summertime slump is real, but there are ways to defeat it. Don't let the summer heat distract you from having a successful summer with your business.

Here are three marketing tips to help you avoid the summer slump!

Create a Marketing Strategy

Since summer is a slower season for many businesses, use the extra time to come up with ideas to promote your business. You'll have time to create better content, quality social media posts, and schedule in those projects you never have time for in your busy seasons. So, set some goals and get started on creating your best marketing plan!

Take Advantage of the Time

Use the your extra time to your advantage during the summer and stay active with your social media and website. Create more blog posts with great content. You can share these blogs on your social media accounts to increase you posting frequency. This might seem pointless now, since people are less engaging on social media in the summer, but this will help you out in the future and positively affect your SEO.

Test Out Social Media Contests

There's one thing that won't slow people down this summer and that's giveaways! This will really increase your insights and engagement. These giveaways will result in excitement for you followers and also help your business gain new followers. Have your giveaway contest require people to share your post, tag friends in the comments, and like your page. This is an easy way to get people engaged with little effort.

Summertime can potentially be a great time for your business. Yes, your sales may be down, but you will have the opportunity to prepare for another great year! Turn that summertime slump into a victory for your business!

Contributor: Kendall Harris

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