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3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Rebrand Your Business

3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Rebrand Your Business

When's the last time you looked at your branding? (your logo, website, marketing material, etc.) Does it still look fresh and modern, or does it look outdated, unappealing, and flat?

It's easy to forget the design and presentation of your business whenever you have other things to worry about, like your profit, new products, and maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

But the aesthetic appeal of your website and how it's presented to your customers can be just as important as the products you're selling.

Do you think it's time to update your business or freshen up some of your old marketing material? Here are a few reasons why it might be time to do a rebrand.

Your Original Branding No Longer Reflects Your Vision

When your start your business, you select a name, logo, and branding that reflects the vision and goals of your company (or, at least, you should.) You want your customers to instantly recognize who you are and what you're about just be seeing your name and logo.

Chances are, you aren't the same company as when you first started everything however many years ago. You have more experience now, and you know your customers better. So, doesn't it make sense to revisit your branding and see if it still reflects your company's vision?

Apple is probably one of the best examples of a company that changed its vision, and its brand, for the better. Before Steve Jobs took over the company in 1997, Apple was suffering from low sales and on the verge of bankruptcy. But Jobs took the company from just another computer and tech company, to a hip, modern brand that is now seen as the worldwide leader in innovation. They rebranded themselves as a brand that sells "experiences and ideas" rather than products.

Your Logo Looks Outdated Compared To Your Competitors

When is the last time you had a major redesign of your logo? It's a lot more common than you think it is.

Your logo is an important part of the branding of your company. It is an easily recognizable marker that lets people know who you are, sometimes without even incorporating your name into it.

A logo can be something as simple as a symbol or a letter, or it can be as complex as a beautiful custom illustration.

Redesigning your logo says to your customers that you are trying to keep up with trends and you care about how your brand is viewed. You always want to make sure you're following design trends and what other brands are doing, so you don't appear outdated and out of touch with your consumers.

Check out this list of big name companies that have done recent logo redesigns for some inspiration on how to do it right.

And as a great piece of advice to keep in mind when working with logos, make sure to save all logo files that you receive from your professional logo designer someplace where you can easily access them in the future when you need them.

It's always best to use the true logo files, rather than scanning or saving it from somewhere it has been used before, such as a business card.

Your Website Is Difficult To Navigate

Do people often tell you that your website is hard to navigate and that they have trouble finding information that is relevant to them? Does your website look bad when viewed on a mobile device? This could be because your website hasn't been updated to reflect how people interact with websites these days.

Most customers visit websites on their mobile devices (iPhone, Android, tablets, etc.), so you need to have a website that is mobile responsive and mobile optimized.

What is a mobile responsive website? To put it plainly, it is a website that looks good on whatever device you're viewing it on. Instead of being zoomed out and hard to navigate, like older websites and ones that aren't mobile responsive tend to be, good mobile responsive websites rearrange the elements of the website to make it easier to navigate, scroll through, and click on buttons.

Luckily for you, if you're reading this and are in desperate need of a new website, Atwill Media can help you out! We create amazing websites for businesses from every industry, from plumbing and septic services to boutiques and restaurants!

Not only do we design websites customized to your needs, we also optimize your websites with relevant meta information and Search Engine Optimization strategies. And every website made by us is mobile responsive and ready to go, no matter how your customers find you.

If you're ready to have your own Atwill Media website, just click the link below to get started.

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Contributor Caleb Hennington

Contributor Caleb Hennington

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