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4 Reasons Why Facebook Isn't Enough Anymore

4 Reasons Why Facebook Isn't Enough Anymore

It's easy to setup a business Facebook Page and consider this to be all you need for an online presence. After all, Facebook Pages are free, and they allow you to communicate with hundreds, or even thousands, of people at one time.

But, what a lot of small businesses don't realize is that Facebook Pages, although great to have, are limited in their scope, and can only do so much for you online.

A custom built professional website, however, can do so much more for you in terms of building your customer base, showcasing your products to a wider audience, and earning the respect and admiration of your already loyal customers.

If you don't think you need a website for your business, and that your Facebook Page does the job just fine, we've got four reasons to get a website that might change your mind.

Beautiful Product Galleries

Sure, you can upload images to your Facebook Page. You can even arrange them into different albums. But what happens when someone goes to your Facebook page looking for a specific photo of a product, and they have to sift through pages and pages of uploaded photos dating back to the very beginning of your Facebook Page?

That's where a website, and specifically Atwill Media's websites, come in at an advantage. All of the photos that you upload to your Atwill Media website are placed into your Image Library. You can organize your Image Library by category, and easily find the photos you want to display on your website. It also makes it easy for customers to scroll through your uploaded images when you add a Photo Gallery box to a page on your website. You can select your specific photo gallery, add anywhere on your page, and just like that, your customers will have no problem browsing your beautiful product images!

Need to add just one photo to a page on your website? No problem there, either. You can select an uploaded photo from your gallery, or upload a brand new photo, and place it anywhere on your page.

What if you don't have any of your own photos? You're in luck there, too. Atwill Media has a wonderfully wide selection of pre-uploaded stock photos that can be used for free wherever you need them! They are included with every website that we provide to our customers.

Easier Navigation of Important Information

Sometimes, the tabs offered by Facebook Pages can be a little overwhelming and tricky for your customers to navigate. The left side bar + the top navigation bar create too many options for customers to consider, and end up hiding important information from their view.

You never have to worry about that with a custom-built Atwill Media website. We craft your navigation bar to be easy for customers to find the information they need. Whether it's a contact page, a products or services page, or a reviews page, it's much easier for customers to find info, quickly and efficiently, when they're using a website navigation bar rather than a Facebook tab column.

We also include a Mobile Quick Info Bar that gives customers one-click access to your most important business features. By clicking on the Quick Info Bar, customers can see your business hours, phone number and call button, and more.

Customers Expect You To Have a Website

It's 2016, and EVERYTHING revolves around the internet. Customers are using their cellphones to do all kinds of things that weren't possible a decade ago. One of the main ways that customers vet your business before purchasing from you is by Googling you, and seeing if you have a website.

A majority of customers will distrust your business if you don't have a professional website. They want to know that you care enough about them, and their needs, to provide a beautiful website for them to explore. They want to do background research on you before spending their hard-earned money. They want to read reviews from other customers, look up the services you have to offer, read your businesses history, browse your online inventory, and quickly contact you if they need more info. A website provides more in-depth access to your business than any Facebook Page, and an Atwill Media website gives you a beautifully designed way to share information with them.

Builds Your Online Presence

More than anything else, having a website builds your online presence. While Facebook can give you credibility on its own social media site, it doesn't provide the necessary rankings on search engines that having a website can provide. For example, you might have a Facebook Page that has a pretty fleshed out About section. But, you're limited to how much information you're allowed to include in that About section, therefore limiting the number of keywords on the page. A website, however, allows you to have multiple pages with many more SEO attractive keywords, which makes your website much more likely to get found on search engines like Google and Bing.

Google and other search engines tend to rank websites that are full of relevant keywords, are mobile optimized, and provide helpful information to their visitors higher than those who don't have these qualities.

So, if you own a towing company, and want to rank higher on search results for "local towing companies," a website can provide you with a much larger advantage than a simple Facebook Page thanks to more keyword-rich pages and relevant information for your customers.

At Atwill Media, we're happy to serve our customers and get them the business website they've always dreamed of having. If you're looking to get started with one of our custom-built websites, just click the link below!

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Contributor Caleb Hennington

Contributor Caleb Hennington

Contributor Caleb Hennington is a 24-year-old writer, who manages the Atwill Media and FGmarket blogs. He graduated from Arkansas State University in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

When not writing, Caleb enjoys camping, running, collecting comic books, and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

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