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5 Ways Ecommerce Can Boost Your Sales

5 Ways Ecommerce Can Boost Your Sales

Does your business have an ecommerce solution? If not, you're seriously missing out on a fantastic opportunity to boost your sales!

Ecommerce is simply an online store for your products, where customers can purchase from you directly on your website, without having to walk into your store and purchase from you in person. Although getting people to come to your store is certainly a goal for most businesses, many people who implement an ecommerce solution see a dramatic increase in the number of people who buy from them.

In fact, 80% of people on the internet purchase online, which means that most people who visit your website will be expecting to be able to buy directly from it.

If you're still not sure that ecommerce is a necessary addition to your website, we've got a few tips that could convince you otherwise.


One of the main reasons to implement an ecommerce solution on your website is for the convenience factor. There's nothing easier than opening up a web browser, navigating to your favorite company's website, and buying a product directly from them, all from the comfort of your home. Most consumers want buying from you to be easy and convenient, and when they realize you have an online store, they're more likely to buy from you.

Cost Effective

Have you noticed more and more businesses selling their products exclusively online rather than in a traditional brick and mortar store? That's because, for many, ecommerce is a more cost effective way to sell products. Rather than having to maintain your own store, or work with another retailer to get your products sold in their stores, an online store allows a business to cut out the middle man and sell directly to the consumer. You'll have less to maintain with an ecommerce solution, and that means less stress and more money saved for your business.


Customers are not only interested in the convenience of an online store, they're also interested in how much time they have to spend buying your products. For example, with a traditional solution for selling products, a.k.a. selling through retailers, your own store, etc., customers have to make the effort to drive to where they can purchase your product. This can be a time drainer for many people, especially those customers who are looking to buy what they need immediately, with only a few taps of a mouse or on a phone screen. Online stores keeps them from having to sacrifice their time and effort.

Better Reach

Magazine, billboard, TV and radio ads are still effective ways of advertising your products to consumers, but have you ever thought about reaching customers online? For many consumers, this is the only medium through which they'll buy their products. If you don't have an ecommerce option available to them, they'll take their business somewhere else. Having an online store is a great way to reach customers that you were never able to reach in the past. The internet isn't isolated to your local community; it's a national, and even global, entity. Reach customers you never thought possible by selling your products online.

Higher Conversion Rate

How are your conversion rates for your business? Do you often see customers come in to your store, browse, and then leave, rather than making a purchase? Did you know that people are far more likely to make a purchase online rather than in a store? If you want to increase your conversion rate, then you need an ecommerce solution. No matter how popular you are, if people aren't buying from you, then your conversion rate will remain at a poor level.

If you're interested in adding ecommerce to your website, or if you have yet to purchase a website and want to know what it can do for your business, Atwill Media has the solutions that will work for you.

Click the link below for more information, and learn how to get started with your own ecommerce solution.

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Contributor Caleb Hennington

Contributor Caleb Hennington

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