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5 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Job

5 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Career

Even when business is great it can be hard to stay motivated, right? It's work. Hard work sometimes. So, how do you stay motivated?

Form A Habit

In other words, how do you keep doing something? Form a habit of doing things, even things you don’t like to do. People count on you, regardless of your mood or circumstances or how well your business is doing at this particular moment. Even those mundane tasks are necessary for success. Start with a small job, even something that takes 5 minutes, and you will find yourself in the mindset to tackle the next job, and the next one. Momentum can start with something as simple as opening your mail. So, find a task, and dig in.

Try Something New

Maybe a new approach. You have to start somewhere. Get something done, even if it doesn’t work perfectly the first time. You're the only one that has to see it. Start with a rough draft and then go from there. Don't wait to write a book until you have that perfect first line. Write the second, third, and hundredth lines and the first line will find itself. That's true of every job. Just start somewhere.

Get Inspired Through Additional Training

It's a practical step in getting better at your job. You will get new ideas for what you're doing. It can also be a great way to network, and it can be a time to listen to people who are struggling right there with you. Not to mention, seeing the potential for what you do and where you can be if you stick with it can be just the inspiration you need to take it to the next level.

Take A Break

Step away from your work, even if all you have is 10 minutes. Pushing and pushing will push you to exhaustion, and not much else. A breather can give you the space from a project, or a daunting task, you need. When you get back to it, you can approach it with fresh eyes and a new perspective. If you can't stop, even for a minute, switch tasks. Having something else to focus on will still give you a break.


Have a master plan for what you want to be and where you want to go, and cast a large vision. Then break that down into smaller, manageable steps. Rate your goals and objectives and prioritize, concentrating your best energy for the most important objectives. Closely aligned to this is creating a schedule. Set aside time for work and time for family, and don't let them mix. When you're having family and leisure time, don't bring work with you, even if you're just working in your head. Enjoy yourself and you won't burn out. Work to live, not the other way around.

Sticking your nose to the grindstone can be difficult, but every successful person has been there. Dream for the day that your business is fantastic again, and hold on. It will get there.

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Karole Risker is a Missouri native (go Royals!) who graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in journalism with an emphasis in photojournalism. She currently handles media and communication at First United Methodist Church. She has a daughter, Hannah, who is wonderful, and the two of them like running together, and acting and singing in local community theatre.

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