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Canva: The Online Designer

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Canva is a free online design tool offered to all consumers. It's great to have in your marketing toolbox. Canva offers you a wide array of designing options and goes a long way in making your designs look professional. Check out why you should start using Canva.

Pre-made Templates

One of the best things about Canva is their templates. When choosing what type of piece you want to design, you get numerous free templates for that design. Canva has gone the extra mile to create these beautiful and easy-to-use templates to take out the guesswork for your graphic. Pick any template and customize the content to what you want, and you’re done! These templates make it easy to create graphics that look professional.

Free Photos

Canva offers millions of free photos and graphics with their free account. These are great tools to use since all that are marked 'free' are free to use for any project. If a photo is marked with a dollar sign or $1, you'll have to pay the royalty each time you use the design. This goes a long way in making sure every photo you use has proper licensing, and that you are following the law with copyrighted photos. Canva does offer a paid version, which offers more photos and graphics for you to use for free with the subscription.


Canva has recently rolled out its own print services—ideal for when you are designing flyers or print materials. You can print your documents from a professional printer without leaving your home. Canva ships the prints to your door and that's it! Professional prints that look exactly like your design are in your hands in no time.

Canva is an excellent place for you to make custom marketing pieces. It goes the extra mile by offering you the tools you need to create marketing pieces like a pro. And it’s FREE! Check out Canva today and get started making custom marketing pieces.

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