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Customers: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Customers: Gotta Catch'em All!

Have you noticed an unusual amount of traffic around your store? Unless you have been under a rock this past week, you have probably heard at least some mention of Pokemon GO, a new smartphone app that has many people out wandering around their towns. Have you thought about what this could mean for you business and its marketing opportunities? If not, join in on the fun and take advantage of this trend! Chances are, your business has been labeled a PokeStop or Gym without you even knowing it!

What do you do when you find out that your business has become either a PokeStop or Gym?

We have seen businesses who have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity. Some businesses that have discovered they are a PokeStop or Gym are running specials related to the game.

If the business is a Gym, they may offer a discount to whichever team is controlling their Gym at a particular time. Pokemon can be found anywhere, including indoors, so some businesses are offering players a discount if they catch a Pokemon inside of their shop and take a picture to show at check-out. Lure them in, really!

There is also an almost guaranteed way to draw these players to your business: Lures. These can be purchased in the game and placed at PokeStops. They cost very little, and literally lure players to your location because they also lure more Pokemon to that area.

How can you get involved if your business isn’t a PokeStop or Gym?

If you are located near one, you have probably seen a lot of traffic near your shop already. If you are a florist, make arrangements that are representative of the three teams or specific Pokemon to display in your window. Bakeries can make themed cupcakes or cookies to draw in players. Other businesses can create specials or discounts like the ones mentioned earlier in this article.

What’s the game about?

The game combines the virtual world with the real one. It is based off of real GPS maps and tracking. The goal is to "capture" as many of the Pokemon as you can in order to battle other players. The only way to find the creatures is to get out and explore. This means exploring everything from parks and churches to historical landmarks and downtown areas!

The creators have also included PokeStops. These are locations that allow players to gain extra supplies or rewards. These locations also correlate with real places, usually with some sort of historical significance, but not always. Players also join one of three teams (red, blue, or yellow), and then go to Gyms to train their Pokemon and battle. Gyms are also seemingly random places.parks and churches to historical landmarks and downtown areas!

Still not sure what Pokemon GO Is all about? Check out this article from Polygon to learn more.

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Will you accept this challenge and become a master of using Pokemon GO to lure customers to your business? Let us know on Facebook, send us an email, or write a comment on this blog post and tell us how you're taking advantage of this awesome app!

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