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Digital Marketing: The Benefits of Social Media

Digital Marketing: The Benefits of Social Media

Digital Marketing: The Benefits of Social Media

Social media has become one of the most essential parts of digital marketing. There are many different ways you can use social media to enhance your company. We're breaking down some of the benefits social media offers to your business.


Social media is a cost-effective way to promote the content you create for your business. This could be blogs, articles, or any other promotional content for your business. When distributing your content through social media, it gains a longer lifespan. For example, blogs can only be published on a website once but can be promoted on social media numerous times. This lengthens the content's lifespan and drives traffic back to your website.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of social media. Forty-five percent of consumers say that social media is the first channel they go to when they have questions or issues. This is a huge amount of consumers who are looking at your social media as the first line of communication. Seventy-one percent of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. By actively using your social media channels, you can communicate with these consumers on a direct level. This will establish a more personal and long-lasting relationship and build your business's reputation.


While SEO is indirectly affected by social media, it's still an important aspect to consider. Social platforms pop up on search engine results pages, like Google or Bing. This provides more visibility to your business, making it easier for customers to find you online. Google also shows reviews from other social sites, like Facebook, providing your business with more credibility.

Social media is an extremely important part of digital marketing. It can promote your business, build your reputation, and help your SEO.

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