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Does Your Business Look Unprofessional?

Does Your Business Look Unprofessional?

Does Your Business Look Unprofessional?

We've all looked for a company but decided not to use a certain one based on the look, feel, and content of their website or social media channels. This is a common occurrence, but why? What was it about those websites or social channels that made you not want to use that company? There are many reasons why someone decides not to use a business, but some of them might be harder to determine. We're breaking down some of the things that could make your business look unprofessional.

Content Mistakes

Content is crucial for any business. The material on your website is how you convey the services or products you offer and who you are as a business. If your content has grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, it’s harder to read and understand the message you are attempting to convey. Your audience will more than likely move on to another company, where they can easily understand and read the content they are publishing.

Having mistakes in your content also lessens your business’s credibility. Make sure to have someone proofread everything your business writes, including emails, social media posts, and website content. This will ensure that most mistakes get caught before being published. Five Tips for Writing Good Content offers even more writing tips that can help.

Low-Quality Images

Having images on your website can help give your audience a visual of what your business does, but they need to be quality images. Low-quality images are hard to see and make your business look unprofessional. If the photo is fuzzy and blurry, a customer likely won’t stay on your website long enough to absorb it. When uploading images to your website or social media channels, make sure they are the right size for each platform. You can download our free image guide here.

No Call-To-Actions

Your audience wants to visit your website to learn more about your company, but they need direction once there. If your site has no direct path or easy way to navigate, audience members won’t stay on it long. They want to be able to find what they’re looking for fairly quickly and easily. Add call-to-actions, CTAs, to your home page and other pages on your website to help direct users. For example, when talking about the services you offer on the home page, include a button at the bottom of the content that says, “See Our Services” that links to your services page. This will allow you to guide your audience to the pages you want them to see and will give your website a more professional feel.

With these few tips, you can give your business a more professional appeal. Don’t have a website? Check out our Website Services!

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