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Employee Spotlight: Richard Wicker

Employee Spotlight: Richard Wicker

Meet Richard Wicker! Richard has been with Atwill Media for almost a year and works as one of our Territorial Account Managers. He works with prospective clients to develop a relationship and determine what solutions best fit their business needs. Learn more about Richard below!

Who inspires you?

"My family—Robin, Kaitlyn, and Kaleb. I would be totally lost without them."

What's your favorite movie?


If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

"Super speed"

What are three words you'd use to describe Atwill Media?

"Professional. Family. Fun."

What's your favorite song right now?

"Is, was, and will always be More Than a Feeling by Boston."

What's the best part about working at Atwill Media?

"Being able to come to work, do my job, and go home and not have to think about it until I get back the next day."

If you could learn anything, what would it be?

"How to play the guitar."

What's the best thing about your job?

"The hours are amazing—coming from retail, time with the family has been a blessing."

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