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Facebook For Business: Adding Value To Your Page

Facebook for Business: Adding Value to Your Page

Facebook for Business: Adding Value to Your Page

Facebook is a large and popular social media platform that offers numerous benefits to your business. One of those is the Business Page. Your Facebook Business Page can provide consumers more information about your company and showcase what products or services you offer. It can build more credibility for your business and help increase your audience interaction.

Some things can add even more value to your Business Page than just the standard About section. Check out a few ways you can enhance your Business Page.


While usernames are more closely associated with Twitter and Instagram, Facebook also offers them. If a Business Page has at least 25 likes and is at least a week old, you can create a custom username. This allows your business to be more easily found and tagged by other users and consumers. It also offers your company more credibility, especially if your usernames are the same or similar across all social platforms.


Tagging provides many advantages to your business. By changing your settings to allow your Business Page to be tagged by other users and businesses, your page could potentially gain higher engagement, more reach, and new audience members. When tagged by a user or company, your business gains exposure to their audience, creating more potential customers.

You can allow your business to be tagged by accessing the settings at the top right-hand side of your Business Page. In the General tab, edit the section Others Tagging this Page and click Allow people and other Pages to tag [Business Name]. Once that’s done, click Save Changes, and you’re good to go!

Call-To-Action button

One of the best boosts you can give your Business Page is the call to action button. This button is located at the top of your page below the cover photo. The CTA button is customizable and is a great way to provide consumers quick access to what’s most important to them, or what they’re potentially looking for. For example, a towing company would probably use the Call Now option since their clients might need immediate assistance. However, a boutique might use the Shop Now or See Offers option since most of their clients are looking for their merchandise. It can give your business more credibility and direct consumers to where you want them to go.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered and make the most of your Facebook Business Page with the tips above!

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