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Facebook for Business: Other Ways It Can Help

Facebook for Business: Other Ways It Can Help

Facebook is a fantastic tool for your business and offers many advantages. There are many things they offer that you might not know about or might not realize can help your business. Here are some tools Facebook provides that can help your business.

Support Page

Facebook has an entirely different website that is filled with helpful tips and links to help you with your page. They feature some of the most frequently asked questions on the home page, but you can go more in-depth, depending on the problem or issue you're having. For more complicated issues, you can submit a support ticket in the Support Inbox that is located in every Facebook users’ settings. This allows you to give a more detailed explanation of the problem and enables Facebook to review and potentially provide a solution. It might take a few days for Facebook to respond, so don't worry if you don't hear from them right away.


Messenger is one of the best tools that you can utilize from Facebook. Most consumers are looking to social media to solve their customer service issues, and Messenger is the perfect way to handle that. It gives you a direct line of communication with your consumers and allows them the chance to speak directly with your business and have their questions answered promptly. It even gives you one more place to showcase your top-notch customer service, building your brand’s reputation.


Reviews are always a good thing for a business. They give your audience examples of the expert work you provide and insight into who you are as a business. Reviews are the Internet's word of mouth and help build credibility for your business. They even indirectly help your SEO, which is all the more reason to utilize them on your Facebook page.

There are many ways Facebook can benefit your business. Try utilizing a few of the tools above and see how they can work for your company!

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