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Facebook for Business: Post Types and Their Benefits

Facebook for Business: Post Types and Their Benefits

Facebook is a fantastic tool that has many advantages when using it to promote your company and interact with your audience, including a wide array of posting options. With so many different ways to post, how do you know which ones to use or what benefits they offer? Here are four posts you should be taking advantage of.


Going Live on Facebook can bring numerous benefits to your business page. When you go Live, Facebook notifies your followers, allowing them to go straight to your live video. Live also creates an immediate and direct interaction with your audience. Users can tune in and ask questions that your business can answer right away. You can also offer a behind-the-scenes look and showcase the personality of your business.


Have an upcoming event? Let your followers know about it by creating a Facebook event. This allows you to give your audience all the essential information about the event, like the time, date, and details. You can even provide tickets for the event through Eventbrite or by linking to a different ticketing website like Ticketmaster. Event pages also allow you to go Live from inside the page, giving you the chance to show your followers a sneak peek of the venue and build more excitement about the event.


The Offer posting option is fantastic for when your business hosts a sale or gives a discount. With this post, you can tell your audience about the deal your business is having. Pick the type of discount or deal you’re doing, add what items or services are included, and schedule when the deal ends. It also gives you the option to add a description, which you should most definitely use, since it will show up as the caption on the offer post. Make sure to say whether the deal is in-store or online and include a promo code if you have one. And don’t forget the Primary Action! This is the button the shows up at the bottom of the offer and can be customized to what you want your audience members to do, like Call Now.

Offer posts give your business the chance to spread the word about your deals to your followers, and Facebook is great about offers too. Followers can save an offer to use for later, and Facebook will even remind them before that offer expires. You can also give them the ability to share the offer with others, giving your discount more circulation and reach, as well as letting potential customers know about your business.


Hard-working and qualified employees could be right under your nose. Post your current job openings on your Facebook Business Page. This allows you to provide information about the job while also spreading the word to more potential applicants. With a job post, you can give a job description and create customized questions for the applicant based on your industry and the specific job you’re offering. You can also add an email to which Facebook will send the applications, allowing you to make sure you receive all of them in a timely manner.

Facebook has so many different types of posting options. Try the ones above and see how your business can benefit!

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