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Generation Z: Introducing the Newest Generation

Generation Z: Introducing the Newest Generation

Most people have heard of the different generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. But what about the newest generation, Generation Z? Who are they and how are they different from earlier generations? What impact could they have on your workplace, and how could they potentially improve it? We're breaking down all the things you need to know about Generation Z.

Who Are They?

Generation Z, or Gen Z, started in 1995 and continues today. It's members range from 24 years of age to babies born this year. Unlike other generations, Gen Z has been exposed to the Internet and technology throughout their lives, making them easily adaptable with technological advances. This experience with technology potentially gives them an advantage in an office, with newer technological advances happening more and more often.

Communication is Key

Gen Zers believe deeply in the power of communication to solve conflicts and improve the world. They value feedback from their managers and enjoy frequent check-ins. Many Gen Zers say they need feedback at least every couple of weeks to feel comfortable at their job. Your feedback should be prompt, swift, and tracked. They also prefer in-person meetings, as opposed to your typical millennial who would prefer to communicate through e-mail.


Many people assume that technology is a distraction in the workplace. Gen Zers, however, are digital natives, who are used to flipping between multiple tasks while paying equal attention to a wide range of stimuli. This allows them to learn new software quickly and naturally move between platforms.

Work Ethic

This young generation understands the constant need for further skill development, and are continually looking for ways they can improve any and every skill they possess. They approach problem-solving much differently than the generations before them, making decisions in a very analytical and pragmatic way. They often thrive for security outside of work and are very ethical. Their approach to learning and development has evolved into a preferred self-directed and independent method. They don't like to depend on others to get work done, and they use their desire to make a difference to drive them in the workplace.

Generation Z members are quick learners and fantastic multitaskers. With their drive to make a difference and analytical and pragmatic personalities, they'll add something truly special to your workplace.

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