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Get Ready for National Farmers Market Week

Get Ready for National Farmers Market Week!

Even though farmers markets are an important community resource every week of the year, National Farmers Market Week is a great opportunity for farms and producers of all shapes and sizes to educate their community and celebrate. If you aren't quite sure how to go about celebrating, we have found some great resources to help you out!

Farmers Market Coalition

The Farmers Market Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening farmers markets across the US. They have a TON of great (and free) information and marketing materials available on their website. These include everything from trivia and social media tips to press release and local proclamation templates. Get them here!

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

The AMS has great branding packs available that can be used to create posters, emails, buttons, and more. They include quirky text, fun posters, and coloring sheets! In addition to the marketing materials, they also have other industry related resources. Get them here!


Plan4Health has a great Grab and Go Packet with simple yet effective ways to get involved with National Farmers Market Week. They have great ideas for what to post on social media as well as potential issues you can discuss with community leaders. Get them here!

State Farmers Market Associations

Look to your state association for information on local events that may already be planned. This is a great way to get involved with a local organization and promote farmers markets. If your state association doesn't have anything planned, take this opportunity to suggest it!

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