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Here's What You Need To Know About Facebook's Review Changes

Here's What You Need To Know About Facebook's Review Changes

Since the launch of reviews on Facebook Pages, Facebook has used a 5-star rating system to let users come to a company's Facebook Page, leave a star review from 1 to 5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best), and a short, typed testimony explaining their rating.

But recently, Facebook has started rolling out a new type of ratings system. This system, instead of using stars from 1 to 5 to rate businesses, is now using a 10-point decimal system.

Here are a few key things you need to know about Facebook's new Review system.

Larger Rating Range

A 10-point system is obviously a larger number than a 5-star system, but it's also a larger range in terms of how your business can be rated.

With a 5-star system, there aren't as many number ratings available to judge a company by. For example, with a 10-point system, a 7.5 rating has about the same amount of weight as a 3-star rating. But in the eyes of many customers, a 7.5 rating looks much better than 3 stars do.

In addition, a 10-point system allows for more diversity in the number of possible ratings, because you can have decimal ratings, like 8.4, 5.6, 9.8, etc.

Calculated Differently

Not only has Facebook changed the rating system from stars to decimals, they have also changed how they calculate this rating.

In the past, Facebook used the reviews on your page to display your page rating as an average of all your reviews.

However, now Facebook is taking into account a number of other factors when calculating your review rating on your Page.

Facebook now says that the new scoring system is based on a number of important factors, including "ratings, reviews, and recommendations people share about Pages on Facebook."

While this is a bit vague, it does let you know that you don't need to just worry about getting good reviews from customers anymore. You also need to focus on encouraging customers to recommend your Page by sharing it with their friends, writing worded reviews in addition to their number rating, and making their review public to their own followers.

How To Improve Your Score

Thankfully, Facebook gives us a little bit of a tip for how you can improve your Page rating using this new system.

"New recommendations are weighted more heavily, so you can continuously improve your score," according to Facebook.

That means, your old reviews are fine, and they certainly matter when calculating your rating, but you also need to start focusing on getting fresh, new reviews for your Page.

Facebook pays more attention to the latest reviews that you've shared, rather than the old ones that have been on your Page for a while.

They are also giving Page managers more options for reporting "unfair recommendations" on your Page. If Facebook finds that a recommendation violates their Community Standards, they will remove it for you.

Although this update hasn't rolled out to every user yet, you should start seeing the change on your Facebook Page very soon. Keep these tips in mind to start improving your Facebook rating!

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