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Humor in Advertising

Humor in Advertising: Appealing to Your Audience's Funny Bone

Comedy is an effective technique for forming relationships, which drastically improves a brand's selling power. Read more to learn how your business can see growth by appealing to your audience's funny bone!

Appealing to emotion is vital for effective advertising. In fact, campaigns that incorporate positive feelings can radically improve viewer recall, involvement, and enjoyment. Humor, in particular, is a universal method used to attain success. Did you know roughly half of all ads globally utilize humor? Companies such as Chick-fil-A, Old Spice, and Toyota have released gut-busting commercials that entertain and delight. Allstate's commercial series is a great example of well-executed comedy within advertising.

To start incorporating hilarity into your marketing campaigns, ask yourself: is the message really funny? Bad jokes are just as unpleasant in advertisements as they are in social encounters, which may cause viewers to feel bored or annoyed. It’s recommended to avoid offensive topics or subject matter, and to keep humor light-hearted and playful.

Testing your ads in focus groups is an ideal way to understand how various audiences interpret the humor, as different cultures may not be receptive to certain comical tools like sarcasm or irony. By researching your target audience, humorous ads can be a great way to create shareable content and showcase your company’s personality!

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Contributor Morgan Swenson

Morgan Swenson is a marketing intern and blog writer for Atwill Media. She has a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Arkansas State University with a concentration in Management. Currently, she is studying to receive her master's degree in Strategic Communications.

In her free time, she enjoys painting, watching YouTube videos, and drinking iced coffee.

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