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Improve Your Local Ranking On Google With Reviews

Improve Your Local Ranking On Google With Reviews

Updated: 6/21/17

Customer reviews don't just influence people.

Search engines love online reviews for the simple reason that consumers trust, actively look for, and depend on what their fellow consumers think. Reviews show that your business is trustworthy and provide a competitive edge.

Consider this: Google notices that your business has several reviews on Google, versus your competitor, that has no reviews. Google considers these reviews in order to provide the most relevant search result. The more reviews you have, the more that you will stand out versus your competitors.

Improving your local ranking on Google will make it easier for customers to find you when they are searching online for your services and products. Let your customers, family, and friends help improve your local ranking by asking them to leave you a review!

3 ways to encourage reviews on Google Places

1. Ask for a review at checkout

Whether you have a storefront business or you are a service only industry, you should ask each customer to take a moment to provide you with feedback about the products purchased and service provided. (right after checkout/payment)

2. Link Directly to the Review Form

You can add a direct link to your Atwill Media website by adding an Icon for your Google+ page. This will take customers directly where they need to be to sign in and leave a review. You may also send a direct link to your Google+ page via email when sending an invoice.

3. Positive Reviews Should Be Shared

Take advantage of your positive Google Places reviews by including them on your website, at checkout in the physical store, and on social media. Sharing positive reviews might encourage others to leave you a review too!

Replying To Reviews

You might be thinking, "I only need to reply to the good reviews I get on Google. I don't want to acknowledge those bad reviews!"

Well, contrary to what you think, bad reviews are just as important as good reviews, especially when you reply to those reviews.

Replying to both good and bad reviews shows that you care about your customers and your product/service. Google takes notice of this, and will prioritize your business and improve your ranking in search results. Just remember to reply to those bad reviews with tact and professionalism.

Reviews are so important for your business, not only for showing customers you are listening, but also as a way to improve your search rankings.

To learn how to leave a review, click here!
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Contributor Leah James

Leah James is a Google specialist at Atwill Media. She graduated in 2014 with her Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management. Leah is an Arkansas native that enjoys being outdoors, working out, and traveling.


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