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Industry Insights: Sell Your Products Online With Ecommerce

Industry Insights: Sell Your Toys and Games Online With Ecommerce

If you're a toy or game manufacturer, then your business relies on shoppers coming into retail stores and purchasing your products from those stores.

But what if there was a way that you could sell your products directly to customers online, and earn all of the profits from those sales?

Good news; there is a way! It's called ecommerce, and if you're a business owner who wants to make it in the modern market, then you need to have a website with an ecommerce solution.

What Is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is basically your storefront online. It's a way to sell your products and services to customers on the internet, rather than having the need for them to come into your store and purchase from you in person.

Like a store, an ecommerce store has a virtual shopping cart that allows customers to load up their carts and buy as many items as they want from you. You can also offer promotional discount codes for customers to help incentivize them to purchase from you.

Companies that have moved to a more ecommerce-focused business model have seen a spike in the number of sales. Walmart, for example, grew their online sales by 33% in just the last quarter alone.

How Can It Help Me?

Ecommerce can boost your sales in a big way, but it's great for more than just increasing your profits.

Having an online store is also a great way to increase brand awareness for your company! When you have a website with an online store, people can search for things like "children's toys" or "educational games" and your company will show up in the search results.

Most people are searching for products to buy on the internet rather than through more traditional means, such as going into a store and browsing or word-of-mouth marketing.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Looking to add ecommerce to your arsenal of marketing and sales tools? You're in luck! Atwill Media not only offers professionally designed small business websites for tons of industries, we also have a robust set up ecommerce tools to help you sell your toys and games online!

Our ecommerce solution makes it easy to upload all of your products into a store, categorize them to make it easy for your customers to shop, and more!

If you'd like to know more about Atwill Media and our ecommerce solutions, click the button below.

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