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Instagram Live: Connecting With Your Consumers

Instagram Live has become a great way to engage and communicate with your audience while marketing your business. In the third part of our Instagram series, we're going to go in depth on how you can use Instagram Live to connect with your consumers.

Priority, Priority

When you go live on Instagram, you are given newsfeed priority. This means that your profile is featured first amongst the stories and is shown to be live. It also notifies users that you have started a live video that they can watch. It's a great way to have those users tune into what you are broadcasting.

Live Engagement

Having a live video gives you live engagement. Users can ask questions and chat with you right there during the live video. This gives you the opportunity to have live engagement and be able to respond verbally to those viewers. It also gives you the chance to answer questions that they might have about a product or service you offer. You can even explain in more detail and show them the products you have.

Closer Relationship

With live engagement comes a more intimate customer relationship. By being able to converse with your audience in real time, you are building that relationship and trust with them. It gives you the chance to engage with your audience on a level that you maybe haven't had yet.

Bringing Out Your Personality

With live videos, you can express the personality of your business in more detail. This is a way for your audience to get to know you and your business in a more personal and informal setting. It helps connect you and your audience and gives you the chance to talk with them

Instagram Live is a great way to get involved with your audience. It can create a relationship and build trust with you and your audience. The last part of our Instagram series will be about Instagram's IGTV!

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