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Instagram Marketing: Guidelines For Success

Instagram has become one of the biggest social media networks. Millions of people use the network every day, looking at their newsfeed and searching for different topics. In our second series, Instagram, we will be diving into different marketing avenues that Instagram has to offer. For the first installment, we'll be going over the guidelines and the must-knows of Instagram marketing.

Visuals are Everything

Instagram is the visual social media platform. Every post is either a photo or a video. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your work or products to your audience. You can show a quick behind-the-scenes look at your business, giving your audience more insight and furthering that connection you have with them. This also gives you a place to have a visual portfolio of all of your products.

A Business Account

Instagram gives you the option to create a business account. A business account goes a long way with your audience. It allows you to add your logo as the profile picture and have the username be your business name. It is also very professional, allowing people to go straight to your business' Instagram and not a personal account.


The bio of your business account is another important part. This gives you the opportunity to provide a short explanation about your business and link your website. This means that viewers will be able to get your website straight from your Instagram account, driving traffic from social media to your site.

Influencers Do It All

Influencer Marketing is extremely big on Instagram. This gives you the opportunity to partner with them and reach their audience. This is a great way to further the reach of your marketing, and it'll help you gain entry into a new audience that you might not have had before.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

When you have an Instagram business account, you have the option to create an Instagram Store. This means that you can create shopping posts, where your audience can shop right from your Instagram post. It includes tags and prices and links to your website where they can buy your products. This creates an easy and quick shopping experience for users, making it more likely for them to purchase the products.

Instagram is a great way to market your business and products. Check out our next installment of the series, Instagram Stories.

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