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Is E-commerce Killing Brick & Mortar?

Is E-commerce Killing Brick & Mortar?

Is e-commerce killing brick & mortar?

Is online shopping killing brick and mortar stores? This is something that many people are asking nowadays. In a short answer, no. While it might seem that way with big chain stores like Kmart and Sears going out of business, brick and mortar retail is still very successful. Forbes reported that retail employment hasn't declined. In fact, online retail sales are only about 10 percent of total retail sales.

So if e-commerce isn’t hurting brick and mortars, what is?

ServiceChannel suggests that struggling retailers who neglect stores to cut costs hasten their demise by turning off shoppers. In a survey of 1,521 consumers, 70 percent said they recently had a negative experience with a messy store, ranging from dirty bathrooms and broken toilets to disorganized shelves and burnt-out light bulbs.

The quality of the store is extremely important in this day and age. Joan Verdon says that with so many other shopping options, consumers want to be rewarded when they make the effort to walk into a store, a prime example of the quality experience customers want when shopping. Consumers want to be able to browse easily and in a clean and safe environment when shopping. In the same study, two-thirds said they have walked out of stores because they were messy or disorganized. This showcases how essential a clean and organized store is.

So now what?

So while e-commerce isn’t going to kill your brick and mortar store anytime soon, it shouldn’t be ignored and actually offers many advantages to your business.

With an e-commerce website, customers are able to access your store 24/7. They can shop and buy your products at any time, even when your physical store is closed. You also gain the ability to grow your customer base and expand your market past your zip code. This will give your business the opportunity to gain new customers from all over the nation.

So while it might feel like e-commerce is killing brick and mortar stores, it actually gives them a great advantage. Consider adding an e-commerce option to your business and take advantage of newer technology to help build your business and increase your sales.

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