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Makeover Monday: Beene's Towing

Makeover Monday: Beene's Towing & Recovery

This Makeover Monday, we're showing you Beene's Towing & Recovery!

When Beene's Towing started with Atwill Media in April, they wanted to completely redesign their existing website and change everything. They wanted the website to match their logo and have an orange and green color scheme. Beene's Towing wanted to showcase the types of towing they did and the different services they offered. They also wanted to use their own photos and didn't want to be limited by a service area. We love helping our clients achieve their goals. Check out how we met the needs and wants of Beene's Towing below!

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Ward Harden wrote on June 3, 2019 1:16 am

looks good i like the green and orange together mine needs a makeover big time. Every time i try and change something, i end up having to have you guys fix it

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