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Marketing Your Business Shouldn’t Be Boring

Marketing Your Business Shouldn't Be Boring

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If there is anything that makes a business owner roll their eyes more, is the idea of having to add marketing to the to-do list.

How do I even begin? What should I invest in? Insta-what? I don't even know how to use my iPhone!

Long gone are the days of putting up a storefront and flipping over the "open" sign, but marketing doesn't have to be a scary or boring word. Here are three great tips on marketing your business that are both easy and fun!

Find Your Voice

No one can market your business better than you. Why? Because you know your product the best, after all! Customers no longer want to be talked at, but talked to, and they want to get to know the person behind the counter. So, when marketing your product, don't be afraid to use a conversational tone and let your customers into your world.

Pictures and Videos

There is no denying that pictures and videos on social media are attention grabbers and with all the apps out there, you don't have to be a professional photographer to get some good photos. Post photos of your work, post videos of behind the scenes and even teach your customers a thing or two about your product. Not only will this pique interest, but they will get to know you in the process.

Your Customers Can Be Your Marketers

You heard correctly. Let your biggest fans become your marketers! No one loves your business more than your customers, so encourage them to tell everyone how much they love your product. You can set up a specific hashtag that customers can use when they post pictures of your product on social media. Put together a giveaway for best photo or promote your customer's photos on your own social media (with their permission of course). Your customers will love being recognized for their pics and you get free marketing in exchange!

Marketing your business doesn't have to be a chore and it doesn't have to be complicated. You can create a great marketing strategy just by being yourself and doing what you do every day. All it takes is some extra planning, snapping a few daily pictures, and getting on a personal level with your customers.

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