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Newsletters: Reaching Your Audience

Newsletters: Reaching Your Audience

Email newsletters are a fantastic tool to help you communicate with your audience on a more personal level. We're showing you all the ways you can make your newsletters stand out.

Catchy Subject Line

When receiving an email, you more than likely look at the subject line first, and that usually dictates whether or not you read the content of the email. By creating an enticing subject line, your readers are more likely to open your email. This is a great way to draw your audience in and get them to continue to read the newsletter. Try using puns that relate to the content or the season. For example, if your newsletter is going out in summer, you might try puns like "Shore-ly you missed me" or "Shell we dive into this month?" Headlines that create emotion in your readers will make them more likely to click and read further.

Fresh Looks

Newsletters are a great way to consistently speak to your audience, but they can get old. One way to keep your newsletter fresh is to try something new. You'll be able to track what works and what doesn't by looking at the metrics, which are offered through different email services, such as Constant Contact. And don't forget to refresh the look of your newsletter every once in a while. It'll help keep your readers engaged and keep your newsletter looking fresh and modern.

Personalized & Branded

Your newsletter should be branded to your business. Keep it personalized to your company in both looks and content. By branding it to fit your business, your readers will know that it belongs to you just by looking at it, and it will help them recognize your brand more easily in the future.

Controlled by You

The content that you put in your newsletter is completely up to you. Every newsletter is different. For example, here at Atwill Media, we send out a monthly newsletter that recaps all of the blogs we’ve published for the month. We send our newsletter at the end of every month, just in case our readers missed these updates. Some businesses send out newsletters every month, some twice a month, and some even send one every day. You have complete control over how often your newsletter is sent and what content it contains.

Newsletters are an excellent way to communicate with your audience. They give you the chance to try new content and keep your members up to date on what's happening at your business. With these tips, you'll be creating an awesome newsletter in no time!

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