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Snapchat: Ways to Advertise Your Business

Snapchat is an excellent tool for connecting with your audience, but it can do more than that. In the second part of our Snapchat series, we're talking about the different advertising opportunities that Snapchat offers you.

Story Ads

Story Ads are those that are on the discover page. They are placed in the same layout as the featured content, with a 'sponsored' at the bottom. Even with the 'sponsored' sign, these are easy to miss as being ads. It is best to create these to match the other content that usually gets featured on the discover page to ensure that it blends in with what your audience is wanting to see.

AR Lens

AR Lenses are a very new and very different way to market. They are an interactive movement filter that goes over the face of the user when they take a selfie. They are a great way to interact with your audience and find a neat and exciting way to advertise a new product or special event.


Filters are another way to interact with your audience while casually marketing your business. Most filters tie into an upcoming holiday or season. This helps create a cute overlay for the user, while also marketing your business with the logo at the top right corner.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are the most popular form of advertisements on Snapchat. They show up when you are going through snap stories, and they can link you back to either your website, app, video, AR Lens, or the application store.

Snapchat has multiple advertising opportunities. They offer you ways to market your business that fit in with the organic content that is featured on the site. This helps you target your ads to the audience that you want to reach.

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