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Social Graphics 101: Tips and Tricks for Creating Graphics

Social media graphics are extremely important. Creating them may seem difficult, but no worries! We've got some tips and tricks on how you can make social graphics like the professionals.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words

We are visual creatures by nature. We remember more of what we see than what we read. We remember 20 percent of what we read and 80 percent of what we see. That is a big difference, especially when you are trying to reach your audience and have them remember your message.


If you want to add words to your graphic, the font is extremely important. Make sure that it is easily readable against the background of the graphic. Also, you want to limit the number of words you put on the graphic. For example, the caption can do the work of explaining any promotional deals while the graphic can be a split second look of "20% off!!"

Tools to Help

Not a designer? No worries! There are numerous tools that can help you create the graphic you want that looks professional.


Canva is an online design software, that's FREE! They have thousands of free templates that you can choose from and numerous free images. They have a wide array of fonts and you can even upload fonts if you need a specific one to match your brand standards.


Unsplash is a free online photo portfolio. All the images on Unsplash are free and royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your social graphics without worry of copyrighting or fair use. All of the photos are professional quality and easily downloadable.

All of these tips and tools can help you create the social graphics you want for your business. And if you want to have completely stress-free social media, check out our social media services.

Contributor Dani James

Dani James is a Marketing Specialist and writer for Atwill Media. She has a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from Arkansas State University with focuses in Public Relations, Advertising, and Social Media Management.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good book, and watching The Office.

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