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Spotting A Scam

Spotting a Scam: Tips For Staying Safe Online

Spotting A Scam: Tips For Staying Safe Online

Scams are everywhere and happen every day. In 2019 alone, over 75,000 scams have been reported. Scams can come in the form of false reviews or fake messages. They can look intimidating and might scare you at first glance, but we're here to help! Here are the top three things to look for:

Fake Hacking

Scams will generally include something about hacking. They might say that they have hacked your social media, smartphone, computer, or email. They could say something about having access to your bank accounts, photos, messages, or emails. This is generally just a scare tactic to get you to provide them with the information they want. To counteract any information getting out, such as passwords, be sure to create a password that is not easily guessable and change it every few months.

Payment Requests

Some scams might add a specific amount that you have to pay in order to get your information back. They will usually provide a specific date and time that the amount must be paid by. Most will include a link to where you will pay the amount. Some scams might even say that failure to pay the amount will result in arrest or a lawsuit. To protect your information, never click on the link provided. If it does say something about a possible arrest, you can report it to your local police station.

Unusual Email Address

Most scams will come from an unusual email address. The email address could include random letters or an unusual ending. For example, a scam might come from instead of If you receive an email, message, or review from an unusual email address, the best thing to do is not open it and delete it.

If any of these three things are included in a message, review, or email, they're likely a scam and can be ignored. offers more scam prevention tips to help keep you safe online.

Not sure if it's a scam? Give us a call at 870.215.6270 and we'll be happy to help!

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