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URL's: What Are They? May 31, 2017 »

You've probably seen the acronym URL and thought to yourself, "I wonder what that means?" A URL might seem like a foreign concept to someone who isn't well versed in the language of the internet, but it's important to know what a URL is and what it does, especially if you're thinking about getting your own website.

URL is an acronym that stands for Uniform Resource Locator. That's a complicated name for a simple concept: your URL is how customers find your website when they type your URL…

Organize Your Image Library With A Few Simple Tips Feb 08, 2017 »

Atwill Media makes it easy for you to view all of the beautiful pictures that you've previously uploaded to your website thanks to the Image Library option, located in your Admin Dashboard.

This handy little option helps you to organize, categorize, add more images, or delete images all in one place! It's fantastic for when you need to find exactly the right photo for a page on your website.

If you're unsure how to access your Image Library, or all of the helpful ways it can be utilized to boost…

Link To Important Documents With This Easy-To-Use Tool Jan 18, 2017 »

Have you ever had customers ask you if they can download an application, info document, or brochure directly from your website? Do you have the tools to allow them to do so?

Sometimes customers can't come into your office, or don't have the time to do so, due to various circumstances. In these cases, they want to be able to download, or view, the info they need online, and maybe print it out for themselves at home.

Luckily, with an Atwill Media website, we provide a simple and easy-to-use tool…

6 Ways To Keep Your Cool and Handle Workplace Conflict Jul 13, 2016 »

We're not always going to get along with everyone we work with. Everyone has different opinions, ways of doing work, handling strategies, and even common annoyances that make conflict with a coworker inevitable.

Have a coworker that chews loudly at their desk during lunch or while they're taking a snack break? What about one is a fundamentally different person than you personality wise, which causes you to butt heads constantly during meetings?

We all know someone who gets on our last nerves at…

6 Books That Every Business Owner Should Read Jun 01, 2016 »

When you're a business owner, it's hard to find time for other things besides making sure your business doesn't spontaneously combust into a burst of flames. A little dramatic, I know, but the business owners out there reading this know what I'm talking about. If you're the boss, more than likely 50 percent or more of your job consists of putting out metaphorical fires so that your day-to-day operations run as smooth as possible.

Sometimes, you need a little outside help to keep your business…

Tips For Successfully Promoting Your Website Mar 02, 2016 »

You've got a great website, built by the awesome folks at Atwill Media, but now you're having trouble figuring out how to promote your website, and get people interested in it. What do you need to do?

We know that getting the word out on something is tough, especially if you’re unsure where to start. That’s why we've come up with three simple places, with links to the websites, where you can start promoting your custom-built website!

Search Engines (SEO)

One of the best places to promote…

The Other Generation: Understanding Coworkers From A Different Generation Feb 24, 2016 »

In a recent article, published by news outlet Fusion Media, the owner of NBA basketball team the Phoenix Suns made a startling assumption about the reason why his team is performing so poorly this season. The Suns, owned by Robert Sarver, are currently 13-30 this season. Why are they so bad this season? Millennials, of course.

"My whole view of the millennial culture is that they have a tough time dealing with setbacks…I'm not sure if it's the technology or the instant gratification of…

6 Ways To Keep Your Blog Interesting Jan 27, 2016 »

Starting a company blog is one of the best strategies your business can decide to implement. Not only is it absolutely free (thanks to Atwill Media's easy blog posting tools), but it's also a way for you to connect with your customers in a more direct and personal way. If you're considering starting a blog -- which, hint hint, you absolutely should -- here are some great tips for making that blog stand out from the rest and keep customers coming back to read each post!

Keep Content Fresh

This is…

Becoming A Morning Person: How To Start Your Day Off Right Jan 05, 2016 »

Here's a real deal fact: a lot of people are absolutely not morning people. I mean, who really wants to have to stop their dream in the middle of the most climactic part, leave their nice warm bed, and venture out into the cold, unforgiving world? I don't know about you, but I definitely don't.

But the morning is one of the most important times for a 9-5, 5-days-a-week kind of worker. How you start your morning will affect the rest of your day positively or negatively, depending on your…

6 Ways To Recruit Awesome Brand Advocates Dec 09, 2015 »

According to Hootsuite's 2015 Social Media Glossary, "a brand advocate is a customer that is so satisfied with your product that they go out of their way to help you market it. They do work on their own, but often become an even more valuable resource when you connect with them, engage them and empower them."

Wow. I don't know about you, but I could always use a little more help marketing what I'm trying to sell to customers. Not to mention, help from people who will basically do it for free!


Relieving Stress In The Workplace Nov 25, 2015 »

In the fast-paced world we live in today, coupled with our hectic work environments, it is easy for all of us to feel overwhelmed by our jobs and to-do lists. Job stress is nearly unavoidable, but you don't have to let it get the best of you. Try some of these stress-relieving suggestions.

1. Identify Stress Triggers

It will be helpful if you are able to identify what triggers your stress. Since every individual is affected differently by the surroundings, circumstances or events that happen in…

5 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Job Nov 11, 2015 »

Even when business is great it can be hard to stay motivated, right? It's work. Hard work sometimes. So, how do you stay motivated?

Form A Habit

In other words, how do you keep doing something? Form a habit of doing things, even things you don’t like to do. People count on you, regardless of your mood or circumstances or how well your business is doing at this particular moment. Even those mundane tasks are necessary for success. Start with a small job, even something that takes 5…

Why Social Responsibility Matters For Your Company Nov 04, 2015 »

Do you run a business that cares about its community and the impact it has on the environment? I'm not trying to sound like a hippy here or the EPA, but as a business owner, you can't escape the fact that your business -- no matter how big or small -- has a profound impact on the world around it.

There's a term for this in the business and marketing world: social responsibility. A basic definition of this term, as defined by, is "Acting with concern and sensitivity, aware of…

Halloween at Atwill Media! Oct 30, 2015 »

We love dressing up and showing off our costuming skills! Check out some of our wonderful staff's Halloween costumes for this year. Can you guess who everyone is?

The group shot of our staff shows off some colorful characters!

Back Row (left to right): Mike Carson, Ashley Shelton, Rachel Simpson, Kelly Wheatley, Pam Blasko, Teresa Brown, Misty Robinson, Robbie Mullins.

Front Row (left to right): Leah James, Alicia Chambers, Tracy Wright, Cindy Cross.

Cindy Cross

Teresa Brown

Ashley Shelton


6 Steps To Successfully Work From Home Sep 23, 2015 »

With the invasive availability of the internet, working from home has become a much easier -- and often necessary -- reality of today's professional. Yet, often times, you hear many proclaim that, with the demands and distractions they face in their home environment, accomplishing this goal seems harder than simply getting the same (or more) work done in a dedicated office space.

However, with a few simple guidelines, you'll find that working from home can quickly lead to more productive, and…

How A Business Can Become Valuable To The Media Sep 09, 2015 »

Many small business owners struggle with how to market their business, and how to get their local media to view them as a viable, and valuable resource. Many marketing and public relations experts will often suggest to small business owners the importance of having both an online and offline media presence, but often never explain how to accomplish this goal.

Here are some helpful tips to get your small business recognized by your local media outlets:

1. Get To Know Them! Establish a…

The News Release: Why It Matters and How To Write It Aug 26, 2015 »

Effective self-promotion begins, in most instances, with the news release. A news release is not only a good way to promote your business, but also your brand. News releases, probably more commonly known as press releases, are documents that offer news and/or information about your business.

Today, there are two types of news releases: traditional and social media. The traditional type of news release is designed to be a ready-to-print story that a journalist could use, if needed; though more…

17 Inspiring Quotes From Famous Entrepreneurs Aug 12, 2015 »

The road to being a successful entrepreneur is a bumpy one, filled with potholes, loose gravel, and iced over streets. When you set out to start your own business and brand yourself, you're most likely going to face the inevitable feeling of failure; probably more than once. What you do after that failure will result in how your business will fare in the future.

Have I depressed you yet?

Good! That means the next part of this article will do its job. Check out some inspiring quotes from famous…

Google Analytics For Beginners Aug 05, 2015 »

If you're anything like me -- brand new to the business world with no experience in marketing or sales -- then the word "analytics" probably sounds pretty intimidating. However, analytics are very important for measuring the success of your online presence, so having an understanding of how it works, and what certain terms mean, is a must.

Thankfully, with Google Analytics, they make the process of finding ways to track your website traffic simple and easy. I'm not going to go into excessive…

Keys To A Great CTA Button Jul 22, 2015 »

An important piece to any successful website is the humble Call to Action button, a.k.a. your CTA button.

So, why is the CTA button such a big deal? To put it plainly, a CTA button is how you get your visitors to perform the next step in building a relationship with your company. The CTA button can be used for many things, such as subscribing to newsletters, as a "buy now" button, a link to another page on your site, and much more.

If you want to have a great CTA button, check out these helpful…

Want To Stay Healthy At The Office? Here's How Jul 08, 2015 »

How often do you get up and walk around during a typical day of work? Do you have to stand up a lot, or do you mostly sit at a desk for 8+ hours staring at a computer? Is the only exercise you get during a work day your trip to the bathroom or break room?

For many of us -- myself included -- getting exercise and moving around at work is sometimes a tough thing to do.

Studies have shown that sitting down too much during the day can lead to shorter life expectancy. Scary, huh? So, check out these…

Website Design Jun 17, 2015 »

Design is an important part of making your company's website successful. When customers visit your site, they want to be able to easily navigate through pages, and find all the information they need with as little effort as possible.

A big part of this ease comes from keeping your website's design clean, simple, and visually appealing. This includes choosing the correct fonts, colors, graphics, and the placement of these items on different pages. Check out these tips on how you can improve your…

How To Pick The Perfect Website Domain Name Jun 10, 2015 »

When preparing to launch your brand new website, one of the first things you have to consider is your website's domain name. What's a domain name? Glad you asked.

Your website's domain name is the sequence of words that you type into your browser's URL to navigate to a desired web address.

As easy as it might sound to select a domain that reflects your business's name, it's not always as simple as that. With the thousands of website that have popped up over the last decade or so since the '90s…