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Makeover Monday: Harman Handyman Apr 01, 2019 »

This Makeover Monday, we're showing you Harman Handyman!

Harman Handyman started with Atwill Media in January 2019.

Harman Handyman wanted to keep their logo and color scheme but wanted to redesign the layout of their website. They wanted to have a team photo, a click to call button, and links to Google and Facebook reviews. They wanted to integrate Facebook into the site and focus the site on their business, which is handyman work. They wanted to include a photo gallery to show off their…

Makeover Monday Mar 04, 2019 »

For our first Makeover Monday, we're showing you Cedar Hill Cattle!

Cedar Hill Cattle started with Atwill Media in August 2018. Their custom designed website went live in October 2018.

When moving over from their previous website designer, they discussed some of the things they wanted to be done with their website. They wanted the websites to have a rustic feel and wanted it to be simple and easy to navigate. They wanted the background of the site to have cows in a field, and they had some…