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The Best Times To Post On Popular Social Media Networks

The Best Times To Post On Popular Social Media Networks (Infographic)

Social media can be a finicky beast to deal with, if you're a business owner. To reach the most people with your chosen platform, you sometimes have to do more than publish a post; you also have to pay attention to what time you're posting.

Although it's always good to regularly post on your social media, and keep it active, your posts won't be doing their jobs if none of your followers are able to see your posts. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made great strides in trying to optimize their timeline algorithm to make sure you see the posts that they think you'll like at the top of your feed, but sometimes posts get lost. Especially when someone follows hundreds or thousands of accounts.

So, is there a secret formula to knowing when you should be posting on each social media platform? The short answer: yes, but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed to work every time. Today, we're here to provide you with a simple guide that will help you to gain more views, interactions, and shares from your social media posts, by learning to post at the optimal time of day for some of the most popular social media platforms.

The Best Times To Post On Social Media

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Data gathered from Hootsuite.

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Contributor Caleb Hennington

Contributor Caleb Hennington

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