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The Importance of Internal Links

The Importance of Internal Links

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It is imperative to keep the pages on your website organized so that customers can have easy access to the information regarding your products and services. Sometimes we want to put everything regarding our business on the home page because we think it's what's best when in reality, it's not. Here's why internal linking throughout the website is helpful when organizing information.

Let's take the home page of this website as an example.

First, you give the customer a taste of what you do, quickly touching on your products and services. This way they are not bombarded with so much information that they quickly lose interest and move on to someone else.

How Internal Linking Works

Once customers learn a bit about what you do, internal links give them access to other pages on the website with valuable information. This way you can keep the home page clean and professional.

Here's how you can do this on your Atwill Media website.

Click on Add To Page

Click Add To Page

Select Content BoxesSelect Content Boxes

Click on the pencil to edit box.

Edit Content Boxes

Click on Build Content > Under Add New Selection click on Button > Add Selection

Build Content

Type in the final part of the page's URL under Button Link. Ex: Then type in the name of the page you want to direct customers under Button Text.

Add Link
Finally, don't forget to click OK at the bottom and SAVE CHANGES.

That's it! Now you've linked other pages to your home page! If you have further questions regarding this process on your Atwill Media website, please call us at 844.812.9401.

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