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The Value of Interns

The Value of Interns

We've all seen a show or movie that features an intern who makes copies or fetches coffee. However, this is not an indication of what actual interns do or how they can positively impact your company. So how can an internship positively affect not only your business but the life of that student?

For the Company

There are many different things that interns can offer an office. Internships create the opportunity to mold incoming professionals and potentially recruit them as future employees. It also provides a source of highly motivated pre-professionals, who are up to date on the latest industry trends and knowledge. Interns offer different insights and perspectives to businesses, showing them new ways to look at common topics.

"Even though I am considered an intern, I never felt that way. I feel as though I am a part of a family that will always have my back no matter what." —Abby, Atwill Media SEO Intern

For the Intern

When looking at an internship, we examine the effect that it has for the student participating. Internships are widely expected nowadays. Most students will be hard-pressed to find a job after graduation without having some form of experience, which comes from internships.

"I didn't know much about marketing, and I sure didn't know what career path I was going to take. Three days into my internship, everything changed. I've learned how to create graphics, write and publish blogs, and manage social media accounts. Since my first week, I've realized that this is the type of work I want to do." —Kacie, Atwill Media Marketing Intern

Internships offer the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge in their field and give interns insight on their decision of going into that specific field. They allow students to learn if this is the right job choice for them or if they might need to look into other options. The type of experience that a student gains from an internship is priceless in the long term effect it has on their future.

"I feel like I know for sure now that [marketing] is the industry that I want to be in. Having this experience as an intern is going to help me so much as I work towards my degree and after I graduate." —Kayli, Atwill Media Marketing Intern

Internships create numerous positive impacts on both the intern and the business. Consider the value of adding an intern to your staff. Contact a local college or high school to start recruiting!

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