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Twitter Analytics: Analyzing Your Audience

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Twitter is an excellent way to interact with your audience and convey your message to your consumers. When using any social media, you want to make sure you're publishing content that your audience wants to see. So how do you figure it what works and what doesn't? We're showing you all the ways you can use Twitter Analytics to track the success of your posts.

So what all does Twitter Analytics offer to you?

Home Page

When opening Twitter Analytics, you see the main metrics dashboard. The main page is called the Home Page. This shows you an overview for the current month as well as for past months. At the top, there's a glimpse of how your posts have been doing for the month compared to the last month. It will show you the number of Tweets, Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers that you've had for that month. All of these will have a percentage beside them that shows how they compare to what you have done in the past.

Below the brief overview of how your Tweets are doing, you can look at your top Tweet, top media Tweet, and your top Follower from that month. These are great insights to have, even if for just a second. They will help show you what your audience is paying attention to and what makes them want to see more. Below these insights are overviews of past months. This is a great way to track how you have progressed over a few months.


The next section you can click on is the Tweets section. This section breaks down all of the Tweets that you have posted. At the top, you are given a bar graph that shows you the number of impressions that your Tweet got on a particular day and how many Tweets you posted on that day. This gives you a brief overlook at the last 28 days and how your Tweets have been ranking. Below that graph, you are given options on how to look at your Tweets, this shows you all of your Tweets, starting with the one you most recently posted. The option displays how many impressions and engagements the Tweet earned, plus what the engagement rate is.

You can switch to look at the Top Tweets. This will show you the top Tweets that you have had for that month. This is a great tool to use to see which posts your audience is interacting with more often. You are also able to see the replies that you have gained and how your Promoted Tweets are doing. This will help you decide what content you want to start putting out more and what isn't as impactful for your audience.

At the side of the Tweets section, they break down the types of engagements that your Tweets have earned over the last month. This includes the engagement rate, link clicks, re-Tweets, likes, and replies. This will give a quick look at what your average engagement is per day.


One of the great tools of Twitter Analytics is their Audiences tab. This tab gives you an overview of your audience and shows you how your followers have grown or lessened. The best thing is that you can add comparison audiences. You can see their top interests, demographics, lifestyles, and consumer behaviors. This gives you great information, such as education, household incomes, occupation types, and buying styles. This information can help you target your content more for your specific audience.


The Events tab gives you an overview of the upcoming events and where people talk the most about these events. You can even break down certain events and find out where they are, when they are, and how large the audience is going to be. This is a great tool to use when creating content. It will help you see if anyone in your audience is interested in these events and if you need to post more information about them.

Twitter Analytics is a great way to track the progress of your posts. It can help you gauge what your audience is interacting with and what they want to see more of.

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