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Twitter Media Studio: The All-In-One Marketer

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Twitter Media Studio is a new rollout for Twitter. It is still in the early stages, so it's not offered to everyone yet. It is a one-stop-shop for all your Twitter needs and focuses on amplifying your Twitter account. We're showing what Twitter Media Studio can provide you.

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Unified Media Library

One of the great things that come with Twitter Media Studio is the centralized media library. This gives you the chance to see all of your uploaded media in one place. It also gives you the ability to upload media right there and add it to your library. For each type, you are given the option to write a Tweet and publish that content directly from the library.


Twitter is going Live! Twitter Media Studio offers a Producer tab, which is a way for you to launch professional broadcast videos. You can pick a source that you want to broadcast your video from. Once you have selected a source, you can broadcast live videos and track the analytics from those videos.


You can finally schedule your Tweets! Yay! With Twitter Media Studio, you can schedule Tweets from the media library. Once you have clicked on the media and written the content, you can click the schedule button, pick your date and time, and it’s scheduled! You can check your schedule on the Schedule Page, seeing all of the upcoming posts.

Easy Account Switching

With Twitter Media Studio, you can easily switch between and manage multiple Twitter accounts. This helps you keep track of all of your accounts in one place. It also offers analytics, giving you a quick snapshot of how your account is doing. You can see a more in-depth view of your analytics on the Analytics Dashboard, which is offered in a quick link on the analytics tab in Twitter Media Studio.

With all of these new things, Twitter has become an even bigger resource for your business.

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