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What's Your Number?

What's Your Number? Finding the Personalities of Your Workplace

Recently, our marketing department took the Enneagram test. This is a personality test that asks you to pick between two answers for each question. You get three different results, and you are meant to select the number that you believe matches your personality the best.

Click here to see the different types!

So why is this important? Here are three reasons why taking a personality quiz might help your workplace.


Taking a personality quiz helps you discover the different ways that people react to things. This can be a great tool for your office in terms of communication. By learning about your coworkers' personalities, you can learn better ways to communicate with them. You would approach a project or idea differently with a 6, the loyalist, than you would with a 9, the peacemaker.


With different personalities, comes different ideas. By taking a personality quiz, you learn that your staff is all different. This helps during brainstorms and idea sessions because the different numbers or types, are going to bring different ideas.

Helpful Insights

With a personality test, you can learn what strengths and weaknesses your staff may have. This can help tremendously. You'll be able to see that while one person might struggle with something, another staff member is great at it. This will help your team in collaborations.

Taking a personality quiz can break up the autonomy, and it can provide insight into the people you work with. Take the same one we did here!

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