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YouTube Videos: Finding Your Content

YouTube Videos: Finding Your Content

YouTube is a fantastic tool for your business. But what type of video content should you post? We're breaking down all the types of videos you can make and what might work best for your business.


Your customers are curious about what your work life is like. By doing a behind-the-scenes video, you can offer an insight into what your job consists of. This can be a look at your office or some of the equipment that you use for the services you provide. For example, a construction business might show a look behind-the-scenes of a renovation. They could show the demolition process that happens before the remodel begins.


Members of your audience might have questions about certain aspects of your industry. Answering questions that might be posed by your audience is a great way to showcase your industry knowledge and goes a long way in giving your business credibility. For example, an electrician might answer questions about how to lower your energy bill.

Interact with your audience by asking for questions on your Facebook or Instagram pages and then answer those questions in the video. This will allow you to answer questions that current members of your audience have while increasing interaction on your social media platforms. Don’t forget to post a link to the video on your social media so you can drive traffic back to your video.

Tutorial videos/ educational

Consider creating a video where you teach, inform, or educate your audience on something in your industry. Consumers like to learn new things and get information that could help them in the future. For example, a plumber might give tips on how to keep your pipes from freezing in winter. A boutique might show you how to organize your closet or style an outfit. These are easy ways to showcase your industry knowledge and give your audience information that could make their life easier or save them money.

Finding the right video content for your business can be difficult, but don’t stress! Start by trying a few of the video types above and see what works for you. You’ll be producing content for your audience in no time.

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