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$200 setup

$25/month hosting fee
$400 setup

$40/month hosting fee
$600 setup

$80/month hosting fee

The pricing for these packages is in addition to the pricing of your website setup and monthly hosting fee.

Features Essentials Professional Unlimited
Product Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
Upload Multiple Images Per Product
Product Information Attributes (Name, SKU, Weight, Description, Brand, UPC)
Product Upload Limit 50 1000 Unlimited
Product Options (Size, Color, And More)
Product Dimensions
Product Option Combinations
Price Modifiers
Bulk Pricing Options
Feature Related Products
Categories limited to 5 categories unlimited unlimited
Add Sub Categories
Inventory Management
Invoicing Options
Digital Goods 110MB per file 1GB per file 10GB per file
Shipping & Taxes
Automatic Shipping Calculation For Various Carriers
Calculate Shipping By Weight
Calculate Shipping By Dimension
4 Shipping Rate Options: Global Rates, Free Shipping, Fixed Rate By Item, Global Fixed Combo
Automated Tax Calculation Option
Manual Tax Calculation Option
Manage Tax Exempt Customers
Email & Admin Notifications
Order Confirmation
Order Status Changed
Order Shipped
Order Is Ready For Pickup
Successful Account Registration
New Order Placed
Low Stock Notification
Social Tools
Facebook Like And Comment Buttons
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest Share Buttons
Share A Purchase
Facebook Store
Additional Features
Mobile Responsive Shopping Cart
Abandoned Cart Saver
Advanced SEO Tools
Wholesale Pricing Groups
Create Orders
Ask An Expert

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