Frequently Asked Questions

What is the client’s involvement in the design process?

Client Services will contact you to begin the work of building your website to your liking. We actually prefer that you become fully engaged with our client services department not only to make your site look perfect, but so that they can help you master our website builder tools and make sure to get you set up with a Google My Business page, which will help with local search, rankings, and traffic.

How do I check on the progress of my job during the design process?

You will be given a temporary URL (website address) for your site while it is being built. You may go to that address any time you like.

How many photo galleries can I have on my site?

You can have unlimited photo galleries on your site. Client Services will work with you to create up to 5 for you, and we will upload up to 25 photos while we teach you to use our simple and quick website builder toolset.

Can I upload unlimited photos to each gallery?


How many pages & subpages can I have?

Have all you like. Unlimited pages & subpages are yours. Just remember to keep it easy for your customers to navigate your site.

Can I load any image to my site?

Photos must be sized appropriately for uploading to your site. Also, only photos that you own or have taken should be uploaded. Photos downloaded from other websites without that site's permission through purchase or written approval should not be used.

Can I use my new email address with my phone or computer?

Many email programs and devices work with our email platform. While we cannot guarantee that every device will work, many will.

Can I upload Videos to my site?

Videos are not directly loaded to your site, but embed codes are used so that you can use videos that you've uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites that provide embed codes for your video.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a specific website address that you choose and register. Our domain name is ''.

What is a URL?

This is the address typed in to view your web page on the Internet. For example, you would type in to access our home page.

How do I purchase a URL?

Call us. Our sales team will explain everything.

What is Hosting? Do you host my domain?

Hosting is actually managing all the files that comprise a website on a server made to provide access to the open internet. We host all our own websites internally, and have redundant systems in place to make sure that your site is always available for customers.

How do I transfer my domain?

Our Client Services team will work with you to begin the process of transferring your domain so that your new Atwill Media site can use your existing URL.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be defined as a website's methods and techniques to receive more traffic. Your Atwill Media site comes configured with solid SEO fundamentals on board.

What does it mean for a website to be Mobile Responsive?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a way of building websites that work across a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Using this kind of design allows us to manage one code base for your website, which means that we don't have to make changes for a desktop, an iPad, an Android phone, a Windows tablet, etc. Search engines are beginning to see the value in this as well, and we believe RWD sites will fare better in search results.

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