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Easily Display Reviews On Your Website.
This is a great way to show off to your site visitors, and let them know that
your current customers are pleased with the services you offer them

site tools

When you receive a review, you’ll get a notification in the Site Tools section of your toolbar (the one with the wrench icon). Just click on Site Tools, then scroll down the page until you see the Manage Customer Reviews section. Here is where you’ll find all the reviews that you’ve received from visitors who have left a review on your site.

display options

The reviews that you have yet to display will appear in the tab labeled Unmoderated. If you feel like this a good review, and you want to display it on your website, simply click the Display option. If you’d rather not show off a review, you can also select Do Not Display. If you select Do Not Display, only you will be able to see that particular review.

review quotes

All Displayed reviews will show up on your Reviews page, but if you want to show off a particularly pleasant review, you can select it by clicking Add To Page on your toolbar, then clicking Review Quote and selecting which review you’d like to show off. The review will appear in a nice quote box at the bottom of your selected page!

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